SEVAR AG gets order in Hawaii

In 2018, "The City and County of Honolulu" invited tenders for the modernization of its sewage sludge treatment system with the aim of processing the sludge into "Class A biosolids" by drying it, thus not only saving costs in disposal, but also producing valuable material that can be used for soil improvement.

After PARSONS was awarded the contract as general contractor, the company ordered the dryers (2 lines BD 3000 / 8) from SEVAR AG. With the active support of our local agent Promark Corp. SEVAR could secure the order.

The scope of supply includes the two dryer lines and the complete process air treatment line; heat generation by combustion of natural gas / biogas as well as the dryer exhaust air (condensation, recirculation and exhaust air treatment by chemical scrubbers)

Decisive for the customer was the flexibility of the SEVAR dryers to be supplied with different heat sources; thus the dryers are first heated directly by natural gas / biogas and later, according to the commissioning of the planned CHP, by the exhaust gases of the CHP.

The dryers have an evaporation capacity of 2 t/h each, so that the plant can process over 5 tons of dewatered sludge per hour. Municipal sewage sludge with an initial solids content of 23% TR dried to 92% TR. By exposing the bacterial mass to drying temperatures of up to 130 !C the sludge is sanitized and all bacteria such as e.coli or salmonella are eliminated.

The engineering as well as the production takes place in Germany and is in full swing. The plant will be shipped by sea transport. The assembly and the commissioning is done by employees of SEVAR AG.