Pilot Dryer

The pilot-scale belt dryer provides a water evaporation capacity of up to 50 kg/h [110 lb/h]. The pilot dryer enables the operator to dry a representative quantity (e.g. 70 kg/h [150 lb/h]) of wet material in order to check the drying parameters of this specific material. Depending on the belt speed, partial or full drying is realized with one dryer belt.

The dewatered, wet material is dried in two modules with electrically heated ambient air at temperatures of up to 140 °C [285 °F]. Both modules are equipped with recirculation fans with a capacity of 3,000 Nm3/h [1,766 scfm]. The air circulating through the prodct layer takes up the amount of water to be evaporated. The humid exhaust air is removed from the system by the exhaust air fan. The exhaust air fan is designed for 2,000 Nm3/h [1,177 scfm]. [...]

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