SEVAR AG emerged in 2020 from a managed buyout of the environmental technology division of Haarslev Industries A/S. The same proven technology of belt drying with over 30 years of experience is now continued under the name SEVAR, with a motivated team. The German company with headquarters and production near Karlsruhe is supported by an international network of partners and agents. SEVAR designs and manufactures equipment for the thermal treatment of municipal and industrial sewage sludge, biomass and digestate. Reference plants are available for visiting worldwide.

Howard County (USA)

Howard County operates the Little Patuxent Water Reclamation Plant (LPWRP) in the state of Maryland, USA. As part of the modernization of the treatment plant, the „Biosolids Belt Drying System“ was installed and has been in operation since January 2021.


Jebel Ali Dubai (ARE)

SEVAR was contracted in 2009 to install three (3) lines of Belt Dryer BD 3000/12 with 12 drying modules for full drying of 112,000 t/a of digested sewage sludge. The sewage sludge is accumulated at the municipal wastewater treatment plant of Dubai in the Jebel Ali district with a connected size of 1,500,000 PE. The dry product is used as fertilizer.


Albstadt (DEU)

The city of Albstadt in Baden-Württemberg ensures a permanent, environmentally friendly and cost-effective sewage sludge disposal for the municipal sewage treatment plant as well as for the sewage treatment plants in the regional surroundings. For this purpose, a biomass cogeneration plant with sewage sludge drying has been realized at the Albstadt-Ebingen wastewater treatment plant. 



In 2013, SEVAR AG installed two (2) lines of the Belt Dryer BD 3000/6 with a water evaporation capacity in total of 2,100 kg H2O/h in the sludge treatment building of the Opole Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant Independent operation of both lines is possible. Yearly 24,000 t of digested sewage sludge with a DS content of approx. 25 % are dried to 90 % DS.



In the Zorbau waste incineration plant, downstream of the turbine, a part of the steam volume is used for drying digested or stabilized, dewatered sewage sludge resulting from the treatment of municipal wastewater. In 2017, a fully automated sewage sludge drying plant (KTA) with a Belt Dryer BD 3000/16 with 16 modules was commissioned for this purpose.



In 2018 SEVAR installed the first belt dryer in New Zealand, ordered by Hawkins Infrastructure. The Belt Dryer of size BD 3000/11 dries 28,000 t/a of digested, dewatered sewage sludge. The sewage sludge occurs at the Whanganui District Council‘s municipal wastewater treatment plant. The plant is designed to serve 40,000 residents as well as an industrial load with a 300,000 PE connection size.